OPOS Vs Traditional Pressure cooking

Traditonal Pressure Cooking

Food is cooked with added water.

The only technique used is ‘dump all in a cooker’.

Exercises very little control over texture, flavour or colour.

Is chiefly used for mushy foods like dal, potatoes and kichidi.

Causes vegetables to get overcooked, become colourless and textureless.

The goal is quick cooking.

Most recipes call for cooking on low/ medium heat.

Cooking conditions need not be standardised for recipes to work.

Seen as a necessary evil. Many households frown on pressure cooked food.

Is limited to a pressure cooker.

Is about using the cooker.


Food is cooked in its own juices, with little or no water.

Uses a set of validated techniques to bring the best out of food.

Exercises complete control over texture, flavour and colour.

Is used for almost all food.

Makes vegetables come alive.

The goal is to maximise colour, texture, flavour and nutrition.

Most recipes call for cooking on high heat.

Both the cooker and the heat source need to be standardised for the recipes to work.

Seen as a boon. Babies love OPOSed food.

Is universal.


Is about using the technique.