The taste, texture and colour of OPOS food has drawn a lot of children towards OPOS. There are a lot of babies who have started their weaning journey with OPOS food. The safety and simplicity of OPOS has encouraged children to cook , which in itself is a vital life skill. OPOS enables these children to cook simple to complex meals within minutes.

Unlike traditional cooking techniques, cooking in OPOS is precise, consistent and automatable. Everyday children post their culinary experience in the Facebook forum, cooking OPOS thali(four-course meals), presenting complex recipes, all the while enjoying what they are doing and most importantly enjoying eating nutritious and tasty food.

Watch our cute little
Baby OPOStars in action!

OPOS Buttery Pepper Zucchini by Sai

OPOS Bhindi Sabzi by Liba

OPOS North Indian One Shot Thali by Hari