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Designed for OPOS cooking.
Designed to withstand dry heating.
Lead free. Silicone gasket.

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OPOS is a revolutionary cooking technique that has empowered thousands to cook cleaner, greener, healthier, faster and tastier food. OPOS works for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Do OPOSed foods retain nutrients?

Our aim is to make food a non-issue to every human in this world. Nutrition retention being our prime concern, we decided to get PressureBaked food (vegetables) tested…

Be it an experienced cook or total fresher, OPOS helps. By forcing one to measure and cook for specified times, everyone gets consistent results every time with the perfect taste replicated. Time and labor savings are tremendous. Hail to OPOS!

Lakshmi Anand

Now anyone can cook without fear. A big time and energy saver, sure shot easy method with guaranteed results .... And with absolutely no compromise on taste! Not messy at all and less dishes to wash. Fun way to cook good food. Very happy to go the OPOS way.

Sharadha Nrsmhn

OPOS has broken all barriers associated with cooking and made cooking effortless and enjoyable.

Suresh Ramanathan

What's there to complain, when cooking and cleaning time is faster and easier than prepping time??

Ashwini Bee

OPOS has taken the stress out of my mind about cooking. It’s a scientific and healthy technique of cooking recipes in a short time with less or no oil, enhancing the natural taste of vegetables. It is the sure and perfect answer to fast and easy cooking in today's fast world.

Janaki Sundararaman

Absolutely positive experience for me so far, lot to learn though. Saves time, energy, less mess and I feel totally bored to do non OPOS.

Suba Lakshmi

Saves enormous time and fuel. OPOS preparation time is actually more than doing cooking. No doubt one day we all will forget traditional cooking. One thing to be frank is we plan for one item, due to more time and easy methods we end up with making more number of dishes at the same time.

Geetha Rangarajan

OPOS techniques make life very much easier. Some recipes considered difficult, can be made at home with much ease. It gives so much satisfaction and it has raised my self belief that I am a better cook now.

Shobana Nippani