It took us 15 years, 780 blog posts, 26097 volunteers, 52 children, tonnes of provisions, 1208 files, 10411 Facebook posts, 5601 photos, 320 videos, millions of arguments, 1 dictator, 15 comedians, 1 world record, 4 restaurants, 16 chefs, 14 events and 22 corporate demos before the first OPOS book was published in 2018. This book is an encyclopedia, covering all OPOS techniques, illustrated with recipes, pictures and videos. The second major cookbook covers the thalis (complete multi-course meals) from major Indian and International cuisines and is also the winner of Amazon’s pen-to-publish contest 2019. Ever since their release on Amazon, both books have been topping Amazon’s best seller charts.

Here is our OPOS cookbook library!