A - Z

A new set of ideas is here to stay, That makes cooking a child’s play You’d want to know the name, I suppose? Oh ! Stay tuned, here comes OPOS !

‘One Pot, One Shot’ is what it says And cooks food in the tastiest of ways Learn each technique to master the skill Cook all you want, eat your fill !

How easy is it to learn all the tricks ? Patience does pay, no quick fix It might take days or even weeks, But it is worth to learn all
techniques !

Without much ado, let me start Painting before you the OPOS Chart Stringing together on this thread The Techniques of OPOS,
A to Z !

Click on the buttons below to know more about each  technique.


A , for Attalysis, makes it easy
To get dough that’s soft , not greasy
Flour-absorbed-water makes dough,
And turns into bread as soft as snow !

Bottled Tadka

B, Bottles the Tadka, for you
Checks that you don’t let oil spew
You get the hot infusion ready too quick
For each dish, it adds a super kick !

Controlled Caramelisation
& Evaporation

Controlled Evaporation goes with C,
Just follow it, and magic you’ll see
Jams , Halwas , Gravy bases and Ghee
Will leave you rubbing your hands in glee !

Dum Cooking

Retain the maximum of flavours with D,
Dum Cooking does it, you’ll agree
The flavours get locked in the cooking pot
To tickle your taste buds, doubt me not !


Blending Oil into Water makes it creamy to go;
E for Emulsification is the way to show,
Minimal use of fat can make the food rich,
Creamy and tasty, totally no glitch!

Frying (CPF)

Healthy, mess free frying, promises F,
You’ll soon be hailed the Master Chef;
Cold Pressure Frying adds crunch to your plate,
While your kitchen still looks & smells great!

Greater Surface Area

Greater surface area, is what G stands for;
Cracking recipes from wide and far.
Match the timings for all to cook,
While you marvel at the less time it took!


H might sound like a bit of chemistry,
Hydro-distillation is behind this mystery.
Extract deep flavours with water or steam;
Come on, it’s not as tough as it does seem!

Inner Pot

Do you want to match the cooking times?
I for Inner Pot is how this rhymes;
Put a small pot inside the bigger one,
Two different heating zones are rightly done!

Just Enough Liquid

 For absorption cooking, here's J,
‘Just Enough Liquid’ is what we say.
Why waste water for pasta, noodles or rice?
Add just enough liquid, if you are wise!

Key Building Blocks

Key Building Blocks make up K for you,
Just learn the base of what you do
To whip up infinite recipes across cuisines
Think over the themes, by all means !


Layering is what you must learn to do,
Arranging the elements in layers, as L tells you
Just so your dish gets saved from a burn
And the perfect flavour, you rightfully earn!


MPOS cooks volumes, says our M
Of all OPOS techniques, this is a gem
Use multiple vessels inside your Magic Pot
To cook up that dainty feast in one shot !

No Cutting - Futting

To let your little ones don the cook’s hat
Just to make them happy for belling the cat
N , the No Cutting – Futting technique is here
Choose your dishes wisely, knives stay clear!

Oil free Cooking

Reduce the fat with O, cook Oil-free
May your food contain less oil or ghee
Less salt, less spice, OPOSed food
With less additives, it tastes as good !

Pressure Baking

PressureBaking is what P is about,
It brings food to life, have no doubt;
High heat, Low time, No water is the trick,
To make food so good, babies love to lick!

Queued Cooking

In one another the ingredients nest;
To match their cooking times best.
Elaborate control is easy with Q,
Queued-up Cooking does this for you!

Retained Heat

The magic that heat can work,
When it is retained is a real perk.
If you want to cook clump-free,
R for Retained Heat is the key!

Sugar Syrup Hack

Melting sugar to the perfect syrup,
Isn’t tough at all, now cheer up !
S, the Sugar Syrup Hack is here;
The route to consistency is now clear!


Scoop the tomatoes, or use them whole,
T for Tomatoes is how we roll.
All such hacks are grouped under T,
To fit more techniques, if need be.

Very Long Marination

Let vegetables soak long in spice,
To infuse flavours deep and nice.
Very Long Marination does this trick,
By letting nutrients lock & click.

Use of Staples

Should you be troubled by a raw smell,
Get ready to bid it a quick farewell;
With the staples of roasted spices and pastes,
Your food gets packed with the best of tastes!

Water-less Cooking

Cook hydrated starches the Waterless way,
So grainy and non-mushy they get to stay.
In their own juices, let all food cook
For a yummy taste and an eye popping look !

Xtended Storage

How do you store unrefrigerated food,
While ensuring that it still remains good?
eXtended Storage is the technique here
During emergencies, it will bring much cheer!

Yolk Color Retention

Well cooked eggs make you a happy fellow,
If you keep those egg yolks smiling yellow,
Yolk Colour Retention is what you need
To avoid stinky eggs, just pay heed !

Zoned Cooking

Pressure bake zones in a single shot,
To cook up a storm in your magic pot.
Zoned cooking helps you whip up a feast;
Experience Thug life - Cook like a beast!

We have come to the last of the letters, Many of these are now trendsetters. Techniques from A to Z make it a breeze To cook food with great taste and ease!