Learning the ‘High Heat, low time, No water’ OPOS mantra


In a 2L PressureBaker, add 1/4C water, 1tsp oil, 2C chopped beans (250g), 1/2tsp salt, 1 chopped green chilli (1tsp). Close, fix weight and switch on the stove.

Cook on high for 2 Whistles or 4 minutes, whichever is earlier. Switch off the stove. Release pressure by gently lifting the weight. Open. Mix all. Marvel at the colour.


The 1/4C water you add is for beginners, as an insurance against burning. Most fresh vegetables/ meats can be PressureBaked in their own juices, with very little or no water.

  • Excess water? Repeat by reducing water.
  • Undercooked? Mix all & rest. Will cook in retained heat. Or cook for a whistle more.
  • Repeat lesson with your favourite vegetables.
  • Watery vegetables leak water. Cut them bigger.
  • Tough vegetables like Potato need to be cut smaller.
  • Edible greens shrink dramatically.
  • Okra needs to be wiped dry, cut big and PressureBaked only with oil to avoid sliminess.