Message from Swamiji Shankarananda, Dayananda Saraswathi Ashram, Anaikatti.

“Any recipe book lists the ingredients and the process, but what shows up on the plate depends much on the cook – thanks to a complex cooking process.
OPOS means predictable and repeatable outcomes through a simplified cooking process which is within the reach of anyone who cares to learn!
Tastier food while nutrients are better preserved, better time and cost management are freebies!! Reasons to try out OPOS are quite compelling and perseverance, I believe, will deliver the goods! .
Thank you for introducing OPOS to us at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam”.

OPOS team, with the help of its members has gifted large commercial pressure bakers and other OPOS equipment to several charities, orphanages and old age homes. Along with that, OPOS team handholds these charities to customise their menu till they get comfortable with OPOS techniques. 

Above is a video showing how a staple Indian breakfast, upma (wheat grits in vegetables) is cooked in a pressure baker designed for an Ashram in India. It is accomplished using OPOS principles and it keeps up to the OPOS promise.