OPOS for the

OPOS is ideal for soldiers posted in inclement weather conditions. Hot, fresh food, from their own cuisines would be a dream for soldiers who are facing even basic cooking as a challenge. At places where making a simple tea becomes an ordeal, a commercial baker can help make hundreds of glasses of tea, in minutes, ensuring it tastes exactly the same, every single time.

With this in mind, OPOS team reached out to Indian Army and conducted demos with a hope that it can significantly improve living conditions of soldiers. As of now, The High command in Indian Army has requested OPOS demos across various army commands. To illustrate the scalability of OPOS, a team has started to work on OPOSArmy Cookbook, which illustrates how one soldier can cook food for one section (10 soldiers) or for a whole division (23,000 Personnel).

The Army Headquarters aspires to test out OPOS in field kitchens, high altitudes, camp kitchens and various unit kitchens. The OPOS team wishes to empower one soldier to feed an entire army, using the right equipment and the right training.