200 meals in under 10 minutes!

For the past 5 Years, OPOS has been working to develop solutions for large scale kitchens. It helped reduce the time, effort and most importantly the cost to prepare meals at some of the mega kitchens. The cost savings are enormous, the consistency and hygiene OPOS guarantees are greater as compared to traditional open pot cooking. OPOS cuts the dependency on chefs and makes possible system-driven restaurants.

Some of the mega kitchens in India which feed more than hundred people a day, now use commercial pressure bakers that use OPOS principles can now cook 200 meals in under 10 minutes. Prior to OPOS, these mega kitchens ensured consistency by cooking in a central location and distributing to the individual outlets. The down side to this is loss of freshness, taste, texture and nutrition. It also increased the cost for storage and transportation. OPOS not just came as a solution to this, it also reduced the cost of skilled labour significantly as the skill is built into the equipment and process.

Side shown, are some of the organisations that have used OPOS techniques to cook meals in their mega kitchens.