OPOS for disaster management

Soul-comforting hot food can be a morale booster during a calamity. And cooking simple comfort food for a crowd is challenging during those times. OPOS comes as the best solution to cook food during a disaster. The quality, quantity and speed with which huge amounts of food can be prepared during a disaster has been successfully implemented with OPOS. 

The OPOS team put together a kit that can help a small family stay self-sufficient at least for a week, even if completely isolated from civilisation. This kit would have a 2L Pressure Baker and dry pantry staples. This will cover food and water which are the two main core necessities during any disaster. It also included a low power torchlight that can stay lit for at least 2 months continuously. 

The OPOS team gifted equipment and taught the OPOS technique to core groups in disaster hit regions. With this they were able to feed 600 people in 30 mins. Below is one such effort successfully accomplished at the Gaja cyclone hit area in Tamil Nadu, India. Similarly, such operations were conducted during floods in Chennai and Kerala.  The world as of today is facing the worst case of a pandemic in the coronavirus. During these times, in order to help people, OPOS drafted an eBook to cover general pointers and tips, the crucial role played by OPOS and OPOS staples in such times including recipes and meal plans.  


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